Royalist Liz: ‘Peasantarchy’

This is the first (and most primative) of 24 bitstrips I’ve created with this character, Royalist Liz. I can’t reiterate enough that she is a fictional character as are all the characters in the strip – they merely draw inspiration from real members of the royal family, in order to allow easy recognition of the themes. The 24 strip series (I think 24 episodes constitutes a season so there we have it – I’m going to take a rest from it now) was a satirical critique of identity politics through the lens of a “what if” scenario: namely, what if the Queen (and by extension other members of the royal family – see later episodes) began to see themselves as an oppressed group.

It seems, at first, like a straightforward and one-sided analogy but as it develops it becomes more nuanced, and here’s why: I don’t think Liz is entirely wrong. She shows some appalling attitudes as the strip develops but I personally am a compassionate anti-monarchist. I genuinely feel sorry for royalty – I think it is an artificial way of life that is dehumanizing to the very people it sets upon pedestals. What makes Liz (who is, I reiterate, a fictional character) wrong is her choice to see her discomfort as symptomatic of oppression in which the non-royals (termed throughout as “peasants”) are the oppressors and the ones to blame.

Read on, enjoy. I suppose you could go to bitstrips and read it all in one go, but I’m going to keep posting them here until the season is done making some discussion of my ideas as they developed and invite comments from the readers below.

Royalist Liz: ‘Peasantarchy’.


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